Tamara Van San : Beyond Colors


A curious world of abstract sculptures, Belgian artist Tamara Van San wants you to see beyond colours.


Playing with textures, shapes and colors, every piece conceals a hidden dimension. At first glance, the work may seem very colourful and bold. However, the more you analyze and get absorbed by the pieces, the closer you will get to the expression of Tamara’s emotions.



Based on the Chinese “scholar’s rocks”, which are stones found in nature and admired for their aesthetic look, Tamara recently created a series of ceramic sculptures in the same spirit. What fascinates her is that these stones were said to give knowledge to the person who stares at them for a very long time. The idea of taking the time to analyze, focus and reflect on something, especially in our fast-paced life, is what she hopes the viewers will do when they look at one of her pieces.






If you look carefully, you can find a lot of recognizable objects in some of her works, which she casts, transforms, and shows in a way that we would never think of. It is here again a way to bring us to think further and open our minds to more than what we see.


Installation using pink nylon stockings as base material


Work based on a series of sponges


Color is also playing an important role into her work. Her idea is to experiment if the viewers are able to look passed the bold colors she uses and see the real meaning of her work. The color can come from the type of paint, lacquer or pigments she is using but sometimes the material itself is already coloured.


Installation made of sliced green yoga mats


Installation of wool dipped into plaster and spray-painted


Tamara Van San’s work can be seen in various galleries around Belgium but also later this year in France and in Spain. Take a minute to check the details of her upcoming exhibitions on her website and plan some time to go check one out!



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