The Art Connector is a blog interviewing local artists and galleries with the aim of promoting art, in its different forms, to new and experienced art lovers.

Every work of art is an expression of an emotion, of a passion. Be inspired by the stories of various artists, collectors, gallery owners and jewellers, sharing their enthusiasm for art and creativity.

img_3648From Montreal to New York, then Paris and now Antwerp, amongst the different cities I lived in, I love being immersed in different cultures, meeting people and learn from them.

Art, no matter what its form, brings you an emotion, a memory, an idea. The perception of art is different for every single person. It’s the perfect anti-stress formula, as you need to empty your mind completely in order to feel and appreciate the work of art to its true value. With this series of interviews

I hope to inspire you and to connect you with local artists and art lovers.